The Last Ones Returns Halloween!


Hey, guys! I’m sorry it’s been such a long time (just over a year!) but I had some issues regarding the production of the series. My game was very glitchy and crashed constantly and in the rare moments it didn’t, it was unbearably slow, but I found some amazing mods that helps keep the game running smoothly and it’s worked! I’ve made a lot of progress quite quickly!

I’m pleased to say that the second half of season two will start with episode eleven which will be published on this site on Halloween! And then the remaining nine episodes will follow over the final few months of the year and so the second season will all be wrapped up by Christmas!

I’m very excited (and nervous!) for everyone to see these next ten episodes. There’s a lot of surprises in there that I don’t think people will see coming!

Now might be a good time to have a catch-up! See you all Halloween!

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